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The Company
What we offer:

Why is it Faethon Solar GmbH is so successful in the competitive German market?

  • We possess experience and technical expertise in the creation of Photovoltaic systems
  • We center our attention on:
    – the high quality of our products (P/V modules: Sovello AG, Schott Solar GmbH; Inverters: SMA AG;Support Bases: Schletter GmbH, Krinner GmbH
    – choosing the ideal components for each task
    – ground plans for parts and technical studies by electrical engineers
    – installations by qualified technicians
    – safety in the workplace
    – preserving the enviroment
  • We offer the best economical and technical design, effective project management and administration according to the customer's needs
  • The direct contact with the production line of the manufacturers means credible implementation of the guarantees and best prices. For this reason we have the very high quality demands to the manufacturers of our photovoltaics.

The founder members have:

  • long-term successful business presence in the European and in particular in the German market
  • Multiannual experience in the fields of information technology, development and management projects, multinational companies management, economists and engineers

FaethonSolar ist die exclusive Verkaufsvertretung der Produkte der Firma PV5 Solarconcept GmbH in Griechenland.


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Faethon Solar GmbH  |  Tel.(GR) +30 27330 22779  |  Tel.(DE) +49 6181 491334  |  info@faethonsolar.de
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