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Our company's clients are the proud owners of PV-Systems that guarantee 100% European origin and technology (Schott Solar, Sovello, Isofoton, SMA, Kaco, Fronius, Schletter, Krinner, TecnoSunSolar).

In all the reviews done by independent scientific institutions our materials are ranked at the top in performance and reliability.
On the other hand, the quality and guarantees these highly experience companies provide, are very important factors in the honest treatment of our clients/investors. (We avoid, however tempting the increased profit may seem, to utilize those suppliers that do not specify the specifications and the minutiae in the manufacturing of their products.

A PV-System is more than a mere source of income, it is another step towards averting the destruction of the environment. As such we are very mindful when it comes to the production of our products to ensure that they have the smallest possible CO2 impact on the atmosphere.

You can also contact us voluntarily and give us more details and pictures of your roof or land as well as your location so that we can inform you about the compatibility of your property as well as an estimate for the potential size and cost of a Faethon Solar PV-System.

If one of our licensed installers is nearby, we will forward him to you.

At any rate, you will receive professional and accurate responses from our company.


  1. Photovoltaic Modules
  2. Inverters
  3. Mounting Systems
     Fixed Direction
     Tracking Systems
  4. PV-Wires
  5. Monitoring
  6. Hybrid Systems
  7. Backup Systems
  8. Batteries


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